Car mechanic services

Car mechanic services

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If your vehicle is no longer roadworthy in the event of a breakdown or accident, or if it needs to be unlocked urgently due to lost keys, the 24/7 service will of course also take care of the restoration and towing arrangements. Find out more useful information about emergency car openings at the website.

You can contact the emergency service around the clock — no matter if your car broke down due to a breakdown or an accident — a professional service is always ready to help you. You can contact the service department at any time on the emergency number, which will help you with minor repairs on the spot, evacuation or car opening.

Guidelines on what to do in the event of an accident or breakdown

Possible accidents or breakdowns. It is important to keep a cool head, despite all the excitement. Professional 24/7 services guarantee fast assistance.

5 point emergency check

1. Stay calm.
This is, of course, easier said than done. Therefore, in an emergency, you should know without hesitation what and where you will find in the car.

2. Where is the emergency number?
See if you can find the appropriate emergency number sticker in your car and save it to your mobile phone right away.

3. Where is the warning triangle?
The presence of an emergency stop sign in our country is mandatory. Make sure you actually have it on hand just in case!

4. Where is the first aid kit located?
We hope you never need it. However, you should be able to access it immediately in case of an emergency. By the way: the law requires you to carry a fully stocked first aid kit!

Pay attention to the expiration date on your first aid kit and contact your customer service advisor before you go anywhere.

5. Where is the life jacket?
You can wear safety. The safety vest will protect you if you have to stop and get out of the car in the event of a breakdown or accident. It is also a mandatory item in some countries.

Protect yourself from fines. The absence of these safety elements in the car will be punished if checked by traffic police.